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On and under the ice pack

In some parts of the world, climate change is more obvious than elsewhere.

French explorer Alban Michon, a specialist in ice diving, achieved a world first by crossing the Arctic "Northwest Passage" alone. Carrying over 180 kilos of equipment, Alban travelled nearly 500 kilometres, braving temperatures as low as -53°C.

This film is the story of this extraordinary adventure on and under the ice pack.


A surf trip to the island of Kyushu

Maoh Toda, a professional surfer from Miyazaki, takes a surfing trip through the island of Kyushu which is known for its many surfing locales.

Starting from his base at Nobeoka, he travels to Oita, Fukuoka and Kagoshima to secret spots known only to local surfers, while introducing the delicious cuisine of each region.


Connecting with the ocean and nature

Pro surfer Hayato Maki is constantly searching for ways to connect with the sea and nature like going spear fishing or camping.

In this series, we share some of his adventures in the beautiful natural environment of Okinawa.


The biggest scenes in the world of climbing

Moab, Utah: a desert town with massive sandstone towers where climbers test the limits of danger.
Boulder, Colorado: the social hub of US climbing.
Innsbruck, Austria: the highest concentration of talent in the world.
Catalunya, Spain: the sport climbing capital of the world.

Filmed in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition, get ready for a fast-paced ride through the centers of the climbing universe.

CORE [52’]

The essence of rock climbing

Nothing is more exciting than exploring a new place. Climbers have figured that out long ago as they would travel extensively to discover new areas to test their abilities on different rocks.

Rock climbing rewards those with a creative approach to the challenges presented by nature. This film is about the climbers who accomplish things most people only dream about and their search for new playgrounds.

CORE is a breathtaking immersion in the landscapes and lifestyles that define climbing which has become the latest craze in urban culture.


In pursuit of Top Extreamers

Top extreme sportsmen collaborate with "Sky Wind Japan", the extreme drone aerial filming team, which hone in on the lifestyle of these extreamers, and introduces their skills and appeal.

You'll get an eyeful of drone footage too!


A daredevil's roadbook

Follow some very unusual tourists who travel to the most beautiful locations only to fulfill their passion for the extreme.

They journey to the beaches of Indonesia, the mountains of Chile, the volcanoes of Kamchatka, looking for the ultimate thrill, be it surf, kite, snowboard, BMX, rock climbing and much more.

EXTREME TRAVELLERS welcomes you to a world full of energy, adrenalin and spectacular landscapes.


In recent years, China's electronic sports is developing at a rapid speed, presenting the miracle of the rise of an industry.
From the breathtaking global entertainment to the performance of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, competitive video gaming is becoming a new sport.
However, in the eyes of many people, especially parents, video games are still a monster. Relegated to electronic heroin, professional athletes can't seem to tear off the "Internet Teenagers Addiction". Booming industry, crazy fans, huge business opportunities, how can China eSports go from barbaric to professional and normative?


Self-sufficiency at sea

In Bangladesh, the young engineer Corentin de Chatelperron and his team have designed a sailboat made entirely out of jute fiber and christened it “Gold of Bengal”. But beyond the challenge based on the material used for the construction, Corentin's goal is to achieve autonomy at sea. To that end, he embarks with two hens, a small greenhouse to plant potatoes and other hand-made tools for a six-month journey around the deserted islands of the Bay of Bengal.

This merry odyssey is a study in how resourceful low-tech methods can provide the basic needs for survival.


The white adventure of a father and his 2 sons

Somewhere in the Great North there is a secret place where icebergs are born. This is where the icecap frees them and let them drift as ephemeral giants of the oceans.

Pierre and his two sons, aged 11 and 15, have decided to reach this magical location. This 400 kms journey will see them facing menacing icy storms through white bears territory. In doing so they will write one of the most glorious pages of recent Arctic history showing that human warmth and solidarity can brave the harshest conditions.


The soccer business sees red

« For a European, a Chinese football game has no interest.”
Philippe Troussier, French coach of Shenzhen Football Club.
“We play football like Brazilians play table tennis; even worse since Brazilians play a better table tennis than we us football.”
Li Weifang, former captain of the Chinese Olympic football team.

Chinese football is in dire straits to the great despair of the country fans but not for lack of money since local clubs lavish outrageous amounts of money to attract foreign players and coaches.

So why can’t China enjoy the same success in football as in other sports? To solve this enigma you need a total immersion into the strange and somewhat surrealist world of Chinese football.

This slightly provocative film goes beyond the strict sports analysis. It is an illustration of the shortcomings of a system not used to give such an image of failure to the rest of the world.


From the street to the cage

Away from the postcard image of Bangkok exists a world of violence and social antagonism.

Jakkrapong created the first Street Fight club in Bangkok, providing a space for anyone to come and experience fighting. Operating on the fringe of society, and considered by most to be thugs, these young men meet to fight. Not for money. Not for glory. Just to feel alive.

This is not a story about fighting but about the men who fight and ultimately rebuild, in their own way, a social bond within a hostile society.


The paragon of the olympic spirit

Berlin. August 1936. Jesse Owens, the black American, and Luz Long, the image of the perfect Aryan, compete in the Olympic Games under the watchul eyes of Adolf Hitler, who is eagerly expcting the triumph of his favorite athlete.

But during the event, the two athletes put aside their differences and the ideals they represent to face off in the tradition of the Olympic spirit. Luz Long even advises his nemesis during the qualifying rounds of the long jump that Jesse Owens finally wins.

Thanks to archival images associated with reenactments of the long jump event, testimonies from the descendants of the two athletes, sportsmen and historians, this film sheds new light on the 1936 Olympic Games, a decisive event that heralded the greatest tragedy of the 20th century.


Legendary football clubs seen by Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona goes back in time along 8 episodes to tell the legends of the most famous football clubs in the world and their host cities.

MANDRAKE [13x52’]

The wizard of unsavory matters

Paolo Mendes, AKA Mandrake, is a charismatic criminal lawyer with detective instincts, who, between cases, gets involved with the most beautiful women.

Suffering from personal and professional problems, Mandrake is spending more and more time out in town. But things appear to look up when a complicated murder case becomes a challenge and he has to use all his expertise in order to solve it.


Up there together

At the feet of the Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, Chamonix is proud of its "Compagnie des Guides" the oldest and most prestigious mountain guides’ company in the world created in 1821.

People come from all over the world to Chamonix to ascend the Mont Blanc most often under the guidance of a member of the Company. This is a very special organization based on solidarity and the love of mountain climbing.

But who are these women and men who have sworn allegiance to their passion? What values and convictions do they set forth? How do they cope with the hazards that are inherent to their occupation?

Through testimonies and stunning images - including an historical reenactment on the top of the Mont Blanc - this film digs deep into the reality of one of the most thrilling job.


His path to NBA glory

A documentary that follows the early career of basketball star Dirk Nowitzki, his relationship with coach and mentor Holger Geschwindner, and their path to NBA glory.


Travelling with a difference

It is no longer acceptable to use the world’s most beautiful locations as playgrounds without paying attention to the local people and their ecosystems. Today, outdoor traveling has to be meaningful and incorporate values of sharing and caring.
PATHFINDERS follows these new travelers whose quest for adventure and open spaces is equal to their respect for the locals.
With them, you will discover magical places but also the daily concerns of their inhabitants. Whether surfing in Peru or cycling downhill Mount Kenya, they are being confronted to the ecological threat facing Lake Titicaca or the terrible droughts hitting southern Kenya.


The eternal second

Raymond Poulidor was a famous French cyclist who drew his stardom from being viewed as the eternal second in the history of Tour de France.

Today, Raymond Poulidor is a handsome, silver-haired gentleman peacefully growing old. He looks back on his career and talks about the glory, doping, money and women, as well as his legendary rivalry with Jacques Anquetil which fascinated the cycling world.

SHIMA RUN [31x24’]

Prepare for the marathon

As more people have started running and urban marathons have been held in various locations, diet and health has been on everyone’s mind.

This series introduces running methods while discovering some of the most scenic Japanese islands.


Quirky ways to have fun

Is it that famous sense of humour or is it the weather? Or is it because they live on an island? Whatever the reason, our British friends have developed all kinds of weird hobbies over the centuries, and they're still at it today, as the UK has become the international headquarters of eccentric activity.

ECCENTRIC UK provides an exhaustive offbeat tour of the nation's most bizarre spectacles and competitions. From Cheese Rolling to Bog Snorkeling, from the World Worm Charming Championships to Canine Freestyle, ECCENTRIC UK delivers the cream of the action and provides all the insight you'll need when you find yourself asking 'Why?'.


Climbing the highest building in the world

World famous extreme athlete Alain Robert, also known as the "French Spiderman", has been climbing bare hand the tallest buildings on the planet for over 25 years.

So when the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai was completed, making it the tallest tower in the world culminating at 828m, it seemed natural that he had to face the challenge. That endeavour represented 5 years of intense negotiation and preparation

This film offers an insider look at this amazing and death defying adventure. Will Alain Robert finally TOUCH THE SKY?


Growing Up Travelling

Carine, Emmanuel and their little Lou are an unusual family. The parents, who are accomplished athletes, have decided to show their daughter the world from her early years while fulfilling their passion for watersports.

But they aren’t into senseless travelling and are eager to give a meaning to each of their journeys by discovering different lifestyles, joining humanitarian missions or promoting environmental protection.

From Peru to Tuamotu and Papua to Mozambique, this series follows the adventures of a family who takes us to exotic locations and away from the standard touristic routes.


The Colin Kaepernick story

Imagine two of the most emblematic American values colliding: freedom of speech and patriotism.

Football icon Colin Kaepernick epitomized that clash when, in 2016, a simple gesture turned him into the most polarizing athlete of our times. While the crowd was standing up for the national anthem at an NFL football game, he instead took a knee. It became the kickoff for a serious political crisis in the US and started a movement (#TakeAKnee) that made him world famous. To some, Colin is a hero, to others a traitor, but still many followed his lead by taking a knee or protesting in the streets.

Colin Kaepernick may have sacrificed his career but his standing against social injustice will go down in history.


A major sporting event and a popular celebration

Every summer in July, the Tour de France captivates the country and a worldwide audience. It is not only a major sporting event but also a popular celebration.

Wherever it goes, the Tour employs thousands of people. For several weeks, our cameras have followed these men and women who work behind the scenes to make it a success.

From the athletes who cycle over a hundred kilometres every day to the race director or the models who give a peck on the cheek of the day’s winner, who are the ones who make this gigantic machine work?


A treacherous and epic adventure

The Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountain in the world thanks to its perfect pyramidal shape and the dream of many climbers.

Gugu, one of the very few professional mountain guides in China, wants to ascend the ominous North Face. His journey begins in Chamonix, capital of the French Alps, where he joins a rope party of colorful characters.

Unfortunate bad weather conditions will make this expedition a little more treacherous and epic than expected…

WAYNE [95’]

An improbable and triumphant story

This is the incredible but true story of Wayne Gardner, a kid from Wollongong, a little town of less than 300,000 inhabitants, that no one believed in and who grew up to be the hero who would define an era for Australians. He practiced one of the most dangerous and visually arresting sport on the planet: Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing.

This classic hero’s journey reminds us what it feels like to be the underdog, and yet climb a mountain, win a race or achieve our own individual dreams.

WIND QUEST [22x52’]

Marrying travel and scientific study

Arthur de Kersauson and Antoine Auriol go around the world to meet singular winds to which men have often given names.

Each episode is a journey and a real challenge because the wind does not always blow where you expect it. But when it does, everything seems to come alive.

At once scientific study and a breath of fresh air, this series is an experience with winds that have their own identity and have a strong impact on people's lives.



Sea, sand, dreams and reality

Copacabana... Saint-Tropez... Goa…. Phuket...
The mere mention of these names brings up images of sun, holidays and a complete change of surroundings. In the public consciousness, these famous beaches have come to symbolize dream destinations everyone wish to visit one day.

Through the experiences of the people who stroll these very places (locals, surfers, tourists, vendors, etc…), LEGENDARY BEACHES explores how these famous destinations have won fame and adulation throughout the world, to the point of becoming stars in their own right