The cycle of life
In the African savannah, an elephant dies. Little by little, thousands of animal guests converge to feast on the fortuitous carcass which also becomes a cradle for other species. The splendid images make us forget death and show the wonders of an ecosystem in action. And, by turning back the clock, we see the dead giant coming back to life before our eyes. This film is a striking spectacle, one of natural recycling where the death of one gives life to others.


The school of wildlife
For the emblematic African wildlife, the long road to adulthood is paved with multiple obstacles. But the dangers vary considerably from one species to another as well as the solutions they have to find to bring the most offsprings to maturity. Blessed with more or less thoughtful parents and among more or less united groups, each youngster makes his own apprenticeship until it's time to lead its own life. GROWING UP IN THE SAVANNAH is a tale full of humor and emotions on the school of life in the African wildlife.


The stars and the supporting cast of the animal kingdom
At first glance, the African wildlife seems all too familiar. The stars, such as the elephant or the lion, have been extensively covered as well as the supporting cast, from the gazelles to the birds. But even if their lifestyles have been overexposed, the animals of the savannah remain a constant object of fascination and some questions have been left unanswered. Where do they come from and what was their evolution over the ages? How and why did they choose their environment? What’s their real diet? Do they have an unexpected social organization? What if their behavior was not so obvious and predictable? Based on the latest research and illustrated with spectacular footage, this series revolves around 3 themes: understand, learn and surprise.


Unusual public transports
Asia is home to some of the most unique means of transportation. Some are relics of a bygone era while others are products of inventiveness in the face of desperation. All of these weird and wonderful machines are icons of a community, embodying a culture’s identity. CROSSROADS is an 8-part documentary series that revels in folksy transports and the spirit that lives within them; painting a portrait of societies in transition as modernization renders these machines, carriages, vessels, etc… almost irrelevant, out of place amidst changing technology driven times.


The Sisters who stood up for Human Rights
In America, the Maryknoll Sisters are truly iconic. Far from the clichés of Catholic nuns removed from the turmoil of the world, they have been witnesses and sometimes active players in some of the major historical events of the last Century such as the Chinese revolution, the civic rights movement in the USA, the independence of African countries and the bloody civil wars of the 70’s in Central America. Everywhere they’ve been on the side of the poorest and the persecuted, often paying the price for it with their blood and freedom. TRAILBLAZERS IN HABITS is a deeply moving portrait of these nuns. This absorbing chronicle spans 100 years and several continents to relate the intelligence, tenacity and compassion of these early feminists. It weaves together the nuns own affecting accounts of imprisonment and personal struggle with never before seen archival footage and poignant reminisces from the beneficiaries of their work.


Self-sufficiency at sea
In Bangladesh, the young engineer Corentin de Chatelperron and his team have designed a sailboat made entirely out of jute fiber and christened it “Gold of Bengal”. But beyond the challenge based on the material used for the construction, Corentin's goal is to achieve autonomy at sea. To that end, he embarks with two hens, a small greenhouse to plant potatoes and other hand-made tools for a six-month journey around the deserted islands of the Bay of Bengal. This merry odyssey is a study in how resourceful low-tech methods can provide the basic needs for survival.


A small piece of dried tangerine peel arouses the homesickness of Lingnan, China. It has become a cultural symbol. THE GENUINE DRIED TANGERINE PEEL introduces the intricate relationship between an icon of traditional ingredients and people from China or abroad. From Xinhui to Paris, Hong Kong, the United States or Singapore, each episode explores a different theme: the merit of dried tangerine peel, the history of its production, its innovative use and the nostalgia it begets.


Once upon a time, in the savannah…
Newly born Swala Pala is barely able to stand up on its slight legs and with its long eyelashes and upright ears the baby gazelle is strikingly reminiscent of little Bambi, the famous Disney animal hero. Set in Africa, where survival of the fittest is the law of the land, Swala Pala will have to learn how to come through. From its very first step in the savannah to reigning over its own harem, we follow the gripping adventures of this African Bambi, its family, companions… even sworn enemies.


Fairy tales castles and pristine beaches
The Bay of Naples nestles wonderful islands, the best known being the mythical Capri. With its amazing natural wonders, balmy atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes, it is the essence of the romantic island. The bay also shelters the islands of Ischia and Procida, less visited but equally captivating for the dolce vita enthusiasts. Slightly off the tourists’ path, they offer idyllic villages, fairy tales castles and pristine beaches. A little further away the island of Ponza is literally a wild paradise preserved by its remoteness. A journey for the lovers of beauty.


My roots are here
Home. There is no place like it anywhere in the world. Cooking, eating, resting… it is at home that the simple activities of life occur, forming the everyday scenes that however differ from place to place. Homes could be mud huts in the grasslands, bamboo houses over the waters or wooden ones in the mountains. All of them reflect a culture, a people and way of life. How do the architecture and furnishings reflect the local geography, climate and customs? How does the residents’ way of living embodies their notions about homes? What hopes and ideals do people uphold with regard to their homes? This very unique series unveils the philosophies of living for Asian families from Burma to Japan and the Philippines to Korea.


Tears for sale
The role of professional mourners is dwindling as funeral rites get more sober. CRYING OUT LOUD, a four-part documentary series filmed in India, Vietnam, China and Singapore, profiles people who cry for a living.


Outstanding destinations. Unforgettable memories.
The Sultanate of Oman is modern and rich thanks to its oil wealth but has heartedly kept intact many of its ancestral customs. Moreover, this secretive country offers a wide choice of landscapes from deserts to lagoons, from pristine beaches to beautifully irrigated mountains. Even if part of the Arabic peninsula, Oman is far from the cliché of desertic emptiness. The richness of its traditions combined with the exuberant diversity of its nature and its maritime dimension have made Oman one of the best kept secrets of the Middle East.