Capital romancing
Our cities are made of stones, shaped by wars, emperors or presidents, designed for business, politics or faith. But there might be another way to tell the story of our streets, buildings and monuments. Nowadays, lovers travel the world to share their love and thus create a new romantic topography of cities. Our journeys will show how love shapes the environment and what lovers need to know today to prepare for the perfect romantic holiday in Paris, Mexico City, Rio and New York.


The school of wildlife
For the emblematic African wildlife, the long road to adulthood is paved with multiple obstacles. But the dangers vary considerably from one species to another as well as the solutions they have to find to bring the most offsprings to maturity. Blessed with more or less thoughtful parents and among more or less united groups, each youngster makes his own apprenticeship until it's time to lead its own life. GROWING UP IN THE SAVANNAH is a tale full of humor and emotions on the school of life in the African wildlife.


Small is beautiful
The ocean has its stars: dolphins, sharks, Manta rays, whales; and then there are the others, the humble and the discreet, which can only get the limelight thanks to a Disney movie. Yet, from the clown fish to the octopus, the lionfish to the cleaner fish, without of course omitting the coral, all these creatures are the essential characters of the riveting marine life theater. But how much do we know of them? With its playful narration and exceptional HD footage, FISH LIFE brings a new vision of this underwater universe. You will discover the secrets of its inhabitants through a profusion of colors, shapes and behaviors which will fascinate the whole family.


The master's uncompleted architectural capstone
In his last years, Leonardo Da Vinci started to work on his ultimate masterpiece: the plans of an extravagant royal palace in Romorantin, a village that was meant to become the new capital of France. Preliminary work began but the building never got off the ground. On the basis of Leonardo’s drawings, this film takes us to London, Milan and Romorantin. With the help of the best specialists it will achieve the unthinkable: the CGI reconstitution of what should have been the ideal city as imagined from the great Italian genius.


The stars and the supporting cast of the animal kingdom
At first glance, the African wildlife seems all too familiar. The stars, such as the elephant or the lion, have been extensively covered as well as the supporting cast, from the gazelles to the birds. But even if their lifestyles have been overexposed, the animals of the savannah remain a constant object of fascination and some questions have been left unanswered. Where do they come from and what was their evolution over the ages? How and why did they choose their environment? What’s their real diet? Do they have an unexpected social organization? What if their behavior was not so obvious and predictable? Based on the latest research and illustrated with spectacular footage, this series revolves around 3 themes: understand, learn and surprise.


My roots are here
Home. There is no place like it anywhere in the world. Cooking, eating, resting… it is at home that the simple activities of life occur, forming the everyday scenes that however differ from place to place. Homes could be mud huts in the grasslands, bamboo houses over the waters or wooden ones in the mountains. All of them reflect a culture, a people and way of life. How do the architecture and furnishings reflect the local geography, climate and customs? How does the residents’ way of living embodies their notions about homes? What hopes and ideals do people uphold with regard to their homes? This very unique series unveils the philosophies of living for Asian families from Burma to Japan and the Philippines to Korea.


An ethnological marvel
Cut off from the rest of the world and the country’s recent economic takeoff, southern Angola’s tribes have kept alive customs and lifestyles from another age. Very few people have been able to approach the Mucawana and the Mucubal, these forgotten ethnic groups who were last mentioned in travel books dating back from the 30’s.


Fairy tales castles and pristine beaches
The Bay of Naples nestles wonderful islands, the best known being the mythical Capri. With its amazing natural wonders, balmy atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes, it is the essence of the romantic island. The bay also shelters the islands of Ischia and Procida, less visited but equally captivating for the dolce vita enthusiasts. Slightly off the tourists’ path, they offer idyllic villages, fairy tales castles and pristine beaches. A little further away the island of Ponza is literally a wild paradise preserved by its remoteness. A journey for the lovers of beauty.


A sanctuary for broken primates
How did Bobby, the gentle chimpanzee, managed to pull through after years caged up in isolation in biomedical labs? How did space-chimp Emily, trained to test space capsules and rockets, survived her stressful NASA training program? Appalled by such treatment, Carole Noon decided to help discarded apes and created the sanctuary “Save the Chimps”, a unique site in Florida and home to over 300 chimpanzees.


Unusual guides to the most beautiful natural parks in the world
TWENTY MASTERPIECES OF NATURE offer us guided tours of the most beautiful natural parks where few people ever get to set foot, such as Brazil’s Iguazu Falls, Canada’s Waterton Lakes or Madagascar’s lunar landscapes. Our guides have distinctive occupations such as veterinarian, biologist, forest ranger, dog handler, firefighter, even astronaut but they all share a dedication to preserving our natural heritage. They are unstoppable, working through tropical downpour, in freezing temperatures on the highest snowcapped peaks, or under the scorching sun. This series demonstrates that despite being nature’s greatest threat, humanity can also be its best protector. Also available in 10x52' in French


Fighting for food independence
Are seeds a commodity or a vital resource to be shared for the benefit of Humanity like the water we drink or the air we breathe? In the near future, farmers might lose the right to plant their own seeds. Indeed, in Europe, a regulation is emerging which will impose strict controls on the use of agricultural seeds. Behind this appropriation stand five corporations already governing half of the seeds market and looking to spread their stranglehold even further. This films travels from India to France, and even the polar circle, to unveil a silent and unknown war which outcome is critical for all of us: that of our food independence.


Unusual pets
This series is about children who have grown up in close contact with nature. Many of them have developed a special relationship with supposedly savage animals, mainly thanks to their parents who work directly with wildlife. From Brazil to Kenya and Australia, each episode tells stories of youngsters and their attachment to one or more species like a horse, an elephant or even a crocodile.