The myth of Atlantis
In Greece, amongst the gorgeous Cycladic islands one stands out for its uniqueness: Santorini. No mere island, it is in fact a huge volcano which caldera delineates simply the most splendid bay in the world. Its inhabitants have always lived under the threat of an eruption but, with time, they have learned to tame it. They have built villages of surreal beauty resting on top of dizzying cliffs. But Santorini also encompasses magnificent beaches made of volcanic sand or antic cities that take you back to the myth of Atlantis.


A 2-year journey from misery to disenchantment
2013. Five young Afghans decide to take a shot at a better life and migrate to Europe, more specifically Paris their dream destination. Then begins a two-year 12,000 kms long journey, across six borders and full of first times: the ocean, girls in mini-skirts, bars, skyscrapers… What they only saw on TV is suddenly becoming real. It will be 2 years of hope and misery, successes and failures but always in clandestinity. In the end, only two of them reach Europe while the others are sent back to their Afghan fate. However, for all begins a time of disenchantment. MIGRANTS is a striking documentary putting faces on the human tragedy currently submerging Europe.


Unusual pets
This series is about children who have grown up in close contact with nature. Many of them have developed a special relationship with supposedly savage animals, mainly thanks to their parents who work directly with wildlife. From Brazil to Kenya and Australia, each episode tells stories of youngsters and their attachment to one or more species like a horse, an elephant or even a crocodile.


Self-sufficiency at sea
In Bangladesh, the young engineer Corentin de Chatelperron and his team have designed a sailboat made entirely out of jute fiber and christened it “Gold of Bengal”. But beyond the challenge based on the material used for the construction, Corentin's goal is to achieve autonomy at sea. To that end, he embarks with two hens, a small greenhouse to plant potatoes and other hand-made tools for a six-month journey around the deserted islands of the Bay of Bengal. This merry odyssey is a study in how resourceful low-tech methods can provide the basic needs for survival.


Outstanding destinations. Unforgettable memories.
In Persian, Punjab means “the land of the five rivers”. This state, located on the northwest of India, is the breadbasket of the country and one of its richest. Although less known, and therefore less visited, than neighbouring Rajasthan, Punjab has a wealthy cultural heritage resulting from the successive invasions of Persians, Greeks and British. This land of the Maharajas is also the birthplace of the Sikh religion and its holy shrine, the Golden Temple. This magnificent building, entirely covered with gold, is located in the heart of the city of Amritsar.


The school of wildlife
For the emblematic African wildlife, the long road to adulthood is paved with multiple obstacles. But the dangers vary considerably from one species to another as well as the solutions they have to find to bring the most offsprings to maturity. Blessed with more or less thoughtful parents and among more or less united groups, each youngster makes his own apprenticeship until it's time to lead its own life. GROWING UP IN THE SAVANNAH is a tale full of humor and emotions on the school of life in the African wildlife.


An ethnological marvel
Cut off from the rest of the world and the country’s recent economic takeoff, southern Angola’s tribes have kept alive customs and lifestyles from another age. Very few people have been able to approach the Mucawana and the Mucubal, these forgotten ethnic groups who were last mentioned in travel books dating back from the 30’s.


A scandal or a necessity ?
Nowadays in Bolivia, children as young as 10-year-old are legally at work. They can be seen everywhere. If this regulation outrages international organisations, the children themselves and their union that led the campaign in favour of lowering the legal working age welcomed it. This law reopens the debate on child labour. Should it be banned, thus denying a country’s social reality? Should it be acknowledged as a way to provide young workers with some kind of protection? Will the Bolivian example become a source of inspiration for other countries?


The stars and the supporting cast of the animal kingdom
At first glance, the African wildlife seems all too familiar. The stars, such as the elephant or the lion, have been extensively covered as well as the supporting cast, from the gazelles to the birds. But even if their lifestyles have been overexposed, the animals of the savannah remain a constant object of fascination and some questions have been left unanswered. Where do they come from and what was their evolution over the ages? How and why did they choose their environment? What’s their real diet? Do they have an unexpected social organization? What if their behavior was not so obvious and predictable? Based on the latest research and illustrated with spectacular footage, this series revolves around 3 themes: understand, learn and surprise.


The Sisters who stood up for Human Rights
In America, the Maryknoll Sisters are truly iconic. Far from the clichés of Catholic nuns removed from the turmoil of the world, they have been witnesses and sometimes active players in some of the major historical events of the last Century such as the Chinese revolution, the civic rights movement in the USA, the independence of African countries and the bloody civil wars of the 70’s in Central America. Everywhere they’ve been on the side of the poorest and the persecuted, often paying the price for it with their blood and freedom. TRAILBLAZERS IN HABITS is a deeply moving portrait of these nuns. This absorbing chronicle spans 100 years and several continents to relate the intelligence, tenacity and compassion of these early feminists. It weaves together the nuns own affecting accounts of imprisonment and personal struggle with never before seen archival footage and poignant reminisces from the beneficiaries of their work.


Small is beautiful
The ocean has its stars: dolphins, sharks, Manta rays, whales; and then there are the others, the humble and the discreet, which can only get the limelight thanks to a Disney movie. Yet, from the clown fish to the octopus, the lionfish to the cleaner fish, without of course omitting the coral, all these creatures are the essential characters of the riveting marine life theater. But how much do we know of them? With its playful narration and exceptional HD footage, FISH LIFE brings a new vision of this underwater universe. You will discover the secrets of its inhabitants through a profusion of colors, shapes and behaviors which will fascinate the whole family.


Unusual guides to the most beautiful natural parks in the world
TWENTY MASTERPIECES OF NATURE offer us guided tours of the most beautiful natural parks where few people ever get to set foot, such as Brazil’s Iguazu Falls, Canada’s Waterton Lakes or Madagascar’s lunar landscapes. Our guides have distinctive occupations such as veterinarian, biologist, forest ranger, dog handler, firefighter, even astronaut but they all share a dedication to preserving our natural heritage. They are unstoppable, working through tropical downpour, in freezing temperatures on the highest snowcapped peaks, or under the scorching sun. This series demonstrates that despite being nature’s greatest threat, humanity can also be its best protector. Also available in 10x52' in French