The Sisters who stood up for Human Rights
In America, the Maryknoll Sisters are truly iconic. Far from the clichés of Catholic nuns removed from the turmoil of the world, they have been witnesses and sometimes active players in some of the major historical events of the last Century such as the Chinese revolution, the civic rights movement in the USA, the independence of African countries and the bloody civil wars of the 70’s in Central America. Everywhere they’ve been on the side of the poorest and the persecuted, often paying the price for it with their blood and freedom. TRAILBLAZERS IN HABITS is a deeply moving portrait of these nuns. This absorbing chronicle spans 100 years and several continents to relate the intelligence, tenacity and compassion of these early feminists. It weaves together the nuns own affecting accounts of imprisonment and personal struggle with never before seen archival footage and poignant reminisces from the beneficiaries of their work.


Outstanding destinations. Unforgettable memories.
The country was one of the poorest in the world at the end of the tragic war of 1953, yet South Korea has enjoyed an incredible expansion since then and now ranks as one of the major economic powers. Urban design is a striking illustrations of its dynamism. Yet behind modern Seoul lies another Korea, one which was once known as “The Land of the Calm Morning” where Buddhist temples awake to the light of lanterns and where tea plantations and rice fields ooze serenity. Welcome to a lesser known Korea full of natural wonders and heir to a millennium old civilization. Available in 4K


The jungle album
Borneo is an island shared by Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia but, most importantly, part of it is a wildlife sanctuary. Jorge Camilo Valenzuela, a National Geographic animal photographer, is about to explore it to capture the various endemic species in all their splendor. With over 10 years of experience roaming the world’s jungles in search of the perfect picture, we follow Jorge facing extreme conditions in his quest to capture the essence of the stunning biodiversity found in one of the most remote primary forest of the world. We discover what it takes to survive for months in such an environment just to get the perfect shots of what nature has to offer in all its diversity and richness, thereby raising our awareness of the need to preserve this unique natural heritage.


The wonders of the sea
Mollusks are characterized by an absence of skeleton and a total lack of appeal. They conjure up images of flabby, slimy, almost inert animals. But mollusks play their cards close to their chests: habitat, movement, food, reproduction... everything goes beyond the wildest imagination. They surprise us by the colors they use, their shapes from the most traditional to the most eccentric. Mollusks deserve a second chance to better the first impression since their world is truly one of a kind.


The master's uncompleted architectural capstone
In his last years, Leonardo Da Vinci started to work on his ultimate masterpiece: the plans of an extravagant royal palace in Romorantin, a village that was meant to become the new capital of France. Preliminary work began but the building never got off the ground. On the basis of Leonardo’s drawings, this film takes us to London, Milan and Romorantin. With the help of the best specialists it will achieve the unthinkable: the CGI reconstitution of what should have been the ideal city as imagined from the great Italian genius.


Follow the driver
Taxi drivers are probably the first people you meet upon setting foot in a new country but also the most colorful and clued-in characters. TAXI TO ASIA is the first travelogue to tap the lively personalities of these informal ambassadors with their huge personal treasure trove of tested tips and tricks to get around Asia's most dynamic destinations. But cabbies are also representative of a city's working class and following them allows us to better understand the common man’s pains and hopes. They show us that living in a big bustling city isn't always a bed of roses and give us a reality check on how people are living today in Asia.


Once upon a time, in the Savannah …
Newly born Swala Pala is barely able to stand up on its slight legs and with its long eyelashes and upright ears the baby gazelle is strikingly reminiscent of little Bambi, the famous Disney animal hero. Set in Africa, where survival of the fittest is the law of the land, Swala Pala will have to learn how to come through. From its very first step in the savannah to reigning over its own harem, we follow the gripping adventures of this African Bambi, its family, companions… even sworn enemies.


Making ends meet in Vietnam
In the heart of Vietnam, Mr. Quang has developed treasures of imagination to overcome his lack of financial means and make a decent living for his family. He found ingenious solutions to make the best out of the natural resources around him: he produces biogas from his pigs manure, feeds his chicken with termits and barters his bootleg sake with neighbors. He hopes his creativity and hard work ethic will add up to a brighter future for his children.


A British view on France and its inhabitants
Who are the French? Why are they so peculiar? This country, recently tragically affected, seems to relish standing apart for the better or for the worse. In this short collection, an across-the-Channel director digs into the French paradox by taking an offbeat tour of its quirkiest traditions. Entertaining with a British twist, the audience will be schooled in the locals’ approach to life. There will be plenty of action: snail racing, frog jumping, duck plucking and lemon sculpting. Last but not least, we pay homage to cheese and worship at the temple of wine. Funny… Surprising… Offbeat… Delectable… Outlandish… This is France like you've never seen it before. Also available as 30x5'


The loveliness of the world
This series is about the history, people and culture of dream destinations. From mystic Burma to legendary Santorin, from vibrant Havana to beautiful Tuscany, each episode is a beguiling portrait of a city or a region many of us would love to visit. PANORAMAS take you on a fulfilling journey made of informative stories and mesmerizing images.


Small is beautiful
The ocean has its stars: dolphins, sharks, Manta rays, whales; and then there are the others, the humble and the discreet, which can only get the limelight thanks to a Disney movie. Yet, from the clown fish to the octopus, the lionfish to the cleaner fish, without of course omitting the coral, all these creatures are the essential characters of the riveting marine life theater. But how much do we know of them? With its playful narration and exceptional HD footage, FISH LIFE brings a new vision of this underwater universe. You will discover the secrets of its inhabitants through a profusion of colors, shapes and behaviors which will fascinate the whole family.


The biggest and most colorful pilgrimage on earth
For Hindus, the once every 12 years Kumbh Mela is the ultimate pilgrimage. It is during this event that the Amrita, the precious nectar of immortality, resurfaces from one of India’s sacred rivers. During Kumbh Mela, the city of Allahabâd and its 1.5 million residents inflates uncontrollably during two months with up to 70 million visitors to become the largest human gathering in the world. This exceptional film unveils the infinite diversity of Hinduism and its most colorful and disconcerting forms of worship.