A 19th century globe-trotter

An episode from the series PUTIPHAR'S TRAVEL GUIDE

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Nice, Menton, Monaco, Grasse, Cannes... This part of the Mediterranean coast was already very fashionable among travelers in the 19th century. The English gave it the name of French Riviera. Renowned for the quality of its air which is said to be healthy, wealthy European converged there for several months every year.

On the hills of Menton, olive and lemon trees blossom among gorgeous villas and upscale hotels with all modern comfort. In Monaco, P├ętrus Putiphar lives the high life: boat rides on a Riva, casino outings, diving into the abyss. In Grasse, he visits the Gorges du Loup, tells the story of the many fountains which make the village unique and gets lost in gardens where roses, jasmine and lavender bloom.

Under the 19th century sun, Putiphar unveils a land of refinement, elegance and indolence.