A vigilante father

Format: HD
Duration: 6x52’
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Available versions: Japanese | English (subtitles)
Rights: All Rights | Europe


Since Shigeki’s wife passed away, he has raised his daughter, Ema, a 17-year-old high school student, alone. One night, she does not return from her part-time job. The police discovers her lifeless body with plenty of evidence of the violence she suffered.

A couple of days later, Shigeki receives an anonymous phone call revealing the name and address of Ema’s killer. There, he discovers pictures and videos showing his daughter’s brutal ordeal at the hands of a couple of young teenagers. Because of their age, Shigeki knows that justice will never be served. So, when he faces one of them, he loses it and kills him, then goes hunting for the accomplice.

Adapted from the work of the master of detective novels, Keigo Higashino, this dark thriller questions parents facing the brutal loss of a child and the social acceptance of revenge as a mode of justice.