In the wrong place at the wrong time

Format: HD
Duration: 52’
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Available version: French
Rights: All Rights | Worldwide except France


30 November 2017. A young man is pacing in the train station in Toulouse, France. His girlfriend, Célia Orsaz, hasn’t arrived. More worryingly, her phone is not answering.

Before catching her train, the 18-year-old has agreed to accompany her father, Christophe, to a business meeting in a remote hamlet. But this job offer is a trap. On the spot, things get out of hand: the father is beaten to death before being thrown into the septic tank of an abandoned farmhouse. The daughter sees the whole thing without the murderer noticing her presence at first.

Celia was in the wrong place at the wrong time. An inconvenient witness, she would be the collateral victim of a settling of accounts whose presumed motives are incredible.