A miniature odyssey

Format: 4K
Duration: 52 ’
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On a lemon tree, a butterfly caterpillar is born. It is supposed to grow there until morphing into a chrysalis and then a butterfly. But a storm destroys this preset scheme and makes the caterpillar fall and get carried away by the rain and the wind.

The caterpillar has only about 3 days to get back to its tree, the only place where it can achieve its mutation into a butterfly. It undertakes a journey against the clock, passing through several miniaturized ecosystems: the flowerbed, the lawn, the sand alley or the forest. On its way, it makes encounters, dangerous or not, such as the glow worm, the lasius niger ant or the praying mantis.

Through this caterpillar’s journey of survival, we discover the incredible richness of microworlds where one small step for man is a lifetime expedition for a tiny insect.