A man and the eccentric women in his life

An episode from the series ON NIGHTS WHEN I WANT TO END IT ALL…

Format: HD
Duration: 30 ’
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Available versions: Japanese | English (subtitles)
Rights: Inflights | Worldwide


Hiroshi’s first love was in 9th grade. Her name was Yoshino. Every day at school, they’d play together. Hiroshi was completely taken by her cute demeanor. Hiroshi comes upon her again while she is trying to steal his bicycle.

Now an editor, Hiroshi continues to patronize sex establishments. At midnight, Hiroshi receives a text from Asuka that was intended for a guy she’s fooling around with. Hiroshi rationalizes his treks to sex establishments as a way of getting even with her.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi’s subordinate, Okada, makes a move on him. Until now, Hiroshi has been devoted to Asuka, but his feelings start to change.