In the heart of combat

An episode from the series SPECIAL OPS

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Duration: 52 ’
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On December 17, 2010, in Nijrab, Kapissa province, took place one of the most significant operations in the history of the Navy special forces.

That night, the men from Commando Trepel, specialized in counter-terrorism and the release of hostages, had to carry out a rather mundane mission: the extraction of a "facilitator" (a farmer working and trafficking for the Taliban). But the situation deteriorates suddenly. Indeed, without knowing it, they are a few hundred metres from a secret meeting of Taliban leaders.

Trapped and surrounded, they will fight for 7 long hours in a battle of rare intensity. Facing them are 2 Taliban leaders, highly sought after by the American, backed by more than 50 heavily armed men, determined and willing to sacrifice themselves.