An eventful courtship

Format: 4K
Duration: 52’
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Available versions: French | English
Rights: All Rights | Worldwide except USA
Production: INTERSCOOP


An imposing adult male is determined to mate with a young female. One might think it is a trivial episode in the animal kingdom. But when it takes place in one of the most hostile archipelagos in the world, and when the animals involved are the ferocious Komodo dragons, we know the courtship promises to be eventful.

Baby dragons perched 10 meters high in trees; an old one who wants more offspring; a young male ready to mate but who must deal with a rival bent on killing him; a recalcitrant female; macaques, deer, and buffalo living near their predators: these are the characters in this saga.

Dramatic scenes, imposing landscapes, and beautiful photography combine to make this a spectacular film.