My heart for a village

Format: HD
Duration: 35x45’
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Available version: English (subtitles)
Rights: TV & VOD Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


Sinag lives in a struggling mountain town. Her main goal is to uplift her community and protect the land from the people who want to take it away.

Benjie is a handsome architect who, after years of separation, reunites with his wealthy grandfather. He joins the family real estate business and wants to prove himself worthy. His first test is to acquire a piece of land which the company has wanted for a long time in Sinag’s mountain town. Benjie poses as a tourist to try to convince the people to sell. Unaware of his intentions, Sinag befriends Benjie and graciously welcomes him. She shows him the beauty of the land and, as they spend time together, Benjie falls in love with her.

Benjie is torn between his desire to please his family and his love for Sinag. Which side will he take? How will Sinag and Benjie save the town?