A torn family

Format: HD
Duration: 26x45’
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Available versions: Philippino | English (subtitles)
Rights: All Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


Diony and Cesar have two children, Ephraim and Glenda. They are a happy family despite living in the slums. One day tragedy strikes. A fire breaks out and their daughter, Glenda is killed. Cesar blames Diony for Glenda’s death and abandons his wife out of resentment.

After years of depression, Diony recovers and works hard to become a successful restaurateur. To fill the void she feels inside her, she adopts a homeless little girl named Angeli. When she comes of age, she helps Diony manage her restaurant business.

12 years later, Cesar suffers a stroke forcing him to beg for Diony’s help. She happily takes back both husband and son. They slowly rebuild their family and surprisingly, Angeli gets along well with Ephraim and secretly develops feelings for him. After some time, Diony crosses paths with another orphan, Santina, and employs her as a cook. She also funds her education.

Santina and Ephraim develop a serious romance. Angeli becomes jealous of Santina, not only because of Ephraim, but also because she now feels that she has to compete for Diony’s attention.