Never say never

Format: HD
Duration: 63x45’
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Available version: English (subtitles)
Rights: TV & VOD Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


Andrea is a woman who has lost her belief in love. Several events in her life have made her cynical and distrustful of people. It began when her parents left her at a young age in an orphanage. Most recently, her fiancé abandonned her on their wedding day.

To move on from her heartache, Andrea focuses on her career in fashion where she works as an executive assistant to Jaime. Although Andrea has swore to place career before love, her feelings change when she becomes close to her boss. They begin to date and develop deeper feelings for each other.

One day, Jaime introduces Andrea to his children as his new girlfriend and their future stepmother. Is Andrea prepared to take on this commitment? What will she do if Oliver comes back to her?