Surrogate mother

Format: HD
Duration: 154x45’
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Available versions: Philippino | English (subtitles)
Rights: All Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


Ysabel is a devoted single mother who struggles with caring for her ailing daughter, Maymay, who has leukemia. Ysabel works as a personal assistant to Scarlet, a materialistic former beauty queen. Scarlet’s husband is a successful businessman whose only wish is to have a child of his own. Scarlet is barren. She suggests to her husband that they hire a surrogate. The couple choose Ysabel because she is a trusted friend and she also needs the money to pay for her medical bills.

However, during Ysabel’s pregnancy, her daughter gets into an accident and passes away. Maymay’s death depresses Ysabel and she runs away with her unborn child. When she delivers, she names the child Maya, in memory of Maymay.

Many years later, Scarlet finally catches up with Ysabel and forcibly takes Maya back.