Living high

Format: HD
Duration: 6x52’
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Available versions: French | English
Rights: All Rights | Worldwide
Director: Eric Bacos
Production: USP ANANDA


The Himalayas are more than a playground for trekkers or the landmark for the most memorable climbing achievements. Hard to reach valleys, such as Ladakh or Paldar, are hidden amongst these gigantic mountains and shelter various tribes who have managed to live in the most inhospitable conditions.

Although they cling to their culture, the latest technologies, such as the internet or mobile phones, are quietly rearing their heads and disrupting secular lifestyles.

These films explore the nomadic life in the Himalayas, travel trading routes between the high valleys and present colorful rites and traditions. This "over the top" collection is a beautiful and authentic voyage into the heart of a harsh and majestic universe.